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Vanner Memorial

Remembering Those Vanners Who Have Passed to That Big Truck-In In The Sky

Vanning is over 50 years old. In the passing years and increasingly as we all age, many of our vanning brothers and sisters have passed on. Several years ago a project was started to commemorate those who have gone on before us - - the Vanner Memorial. It consisted of large books filled with letter-sized pages noting the passing of individual vanners. Contributions were haphazard at best but the Memorial did continue to grow. The Memorial books are now in the keeping of the Museum of Vanning; however, there has been little time or funds to modernize the project.

At last, we are bringing the Vanner Memorial online to this website so that it can be more widely distributed and more easily accessed by the vanning community, and more frequently updated by those who have pertinent information about those vanners who have passed on.

Below you will find links to the Memorial pages listed alphabetically by last name with a final page for Handle, Nicknames and incomplete names. Please read the Memorial carefully; information is incomplete for many entries. If you can fill in some of these blanks or provide new entries, please submit what information you have per the instructions provided on each page. Also, please give us your comments and criticisms using the "More Information" button at the bottom of the pages.  Thanks for participating in the Vanner Memorial and remember that it belongs to all of Vanning.

Click below on the appropriate page for the Vanner's last name.

[There is also another Vanner Memorial at Check there if you don't see the vanner for whom you are searching in our Vanner Memorial.]

Vanner Memorial Pages

By Last Name

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