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About Us

Why a Vanning Museum?

Why a Vanning Museum?

The Museum of Vanning exists primarily to house our fantastic collection of Vanning memorabilia and historical artifacts, and to preserve and present Vanning history. It is our goal to present the history of vanning as clearly and accurately as possible.

Click on "What the Heck is Vanning?" to learn more about what vanning is and why we care.

Click on "How the Museum Collection Began and Grew" to read how Curator, Joe Madonia, began and grew this collection and how we are making it available to all vanners and other interested parties.

Click on "How Vanning Got A Museum Narrated Slideshow" to watch a narrated slideshow about how vanning came to have a first class museum.

Click on "Frequent Questions" to learn more about our non-profit organization.

Click on "Testimonials" to see what visitors to the Museum have to say about what they experienced.

Click on "Status as Non-Profit" to learn more about how the non-profit corporation conducts its business.