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Presented below are a sampling of comments from visitors to and supporters of The Museum of Vanning.

Todd's History Lesson

Curator, Joe Madonia, showing Todd Vailancourt part of the vast collection

Todd Vaillancourt:

Me with the museum curator in my glory. Joseph Madonia giving me a history lesson that I could love for a lifetime. I don't remember what I did yesterday but Joe's speech I did take in and could tell you it All. Vanning is a special passion for a individual like myself. To grow up in the sport at a early age of 13 and then at 16 to actually find the Vanning world with my own machine that was a true gift for me. I had Finally seen my buddy Joe is too much like me. A Van Nut For sure.

Howard Furtak:

Just spent a great week at the museum. It is an amazing place with a comprehensive history of vanning. You can look at pictures all day long but until you walk in that door, you have no idea!

Susie Martin: 

Just walking through the door of the museum gives me goose bumps!  The collection of all the van clubs, the vanning event, and oh my goodness!  The library is just mind blowing!  So many pictures to see and van information and so many other things!  So many little things around I couldn’t begin to see everything in just one visit!

Beverly Weber (posted on Facebook):

It's pretty incredible to see our history preserved in such an organized and visually pleasing display! I'm so impressed every time I see it!

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