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How You Can Participate

Enter the Ring of Honor

Honor your van, honor a friend, honor yourself.  The Ring of Honor is a very visible location in the Museum that rings nearly the entire display area.  Displayed in the Ring of Honor are framed pictures of vans and vanners donated by vanners who are friends of the Museum.


You too can enter the Ring of Honor.  Simply send us an 8"x10" photo of your van, preferably with you or your honoree in the picture, along with a $25.00 payment, and your picture will enter the Ring of Honor.  There are two ways to submit your entry and three ways to pay.

Submit Your Entry:

  1. Click on this link - Ring of Honor Application - to download a Ring of Honor submittal form that you can print out, complete and mail in along with your photo,  or
  2. Complete the online Ring of Honor submittal form below and submit it online, then mail in your photo.

Make Your Payment:

  1. Include a check of money order for $25.00 (US) with your mail-in submittal form,  or
  2. Click on this website's "Donate" button and donate $25.00 by choosing the "Ring of Honor" option and completing the donation.  Make sure to mention your donation when you mail in your submittal form,  or
  3. Make an online payment when you use the online submiital form (mentioned above).

You may mail a check or money order with your picture or mail the picture and click on the "Donate" button on this website, then let us know that you've sent the picture and donated the $25.00 by clicking on the "Contact" form below and providing your information.

Ring of Honor Submittal Form

First Name
Last Name
Address Line 1
Postal Code
Tell us about your picture - who, what, when, why, etc. (50 wourds or less)
+ Country Code
Phone Number
Phone Number is optional
Residents of USA & Canada use Country Code 01
Your Ring of Honor submittal fee is $25.00. You may also make an additional donation to the Museum if you wish (optional).
Your payment will be