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Fallen Flags

A Tribute to Van Clubs and Other Vanning Organizations That No Longer Exist

Vanning always was and still is people - people with an interest in vans and the vanning lifestyle.  From it's very beginnings Vanning consisted of individual vanners who wanted to do things together with other vanners -- things that involved the vans -- even if they didn't want to be "overly" organized.  This interest in doing things together and being together resulted in the formation of van clubs and, eventually, van councils and larger vanning organizations.

As part of the Museum of Vanning's goal of documenting and commemorating all aspects of vanning history, we proudly present Fallen Flags, a tribute to the many, many van clubs and other vanning organizations that have fallen by the wayside as vanning thrived then survived through the years.  Real Vanning History!!

Our goal is to document every van club, van council and other vanning organization that ever existed.  Each organization will be displayed with as much pertinent information as we can obtain about them.  Find out how you can contribute by reading below.

Thank You: We must thank all of those vanners who contributed and continue to contribute information for Fallen Flags.  Special credit goes to Bert Neely (Raoul) (dec.) of Colorado who published the Vanners Yearbook in 1992 & 1993.  Those books proved invaluable in producing these working lists of former van clubs, van councils and other vanning organizations. Thanks and RIP to Raoul.

You Can Contribute to Fallen Flags

Help Us Gather Information on Former Van Organizations

If you were a member of a now defunct van club, van council or other vanning organization, or know somebody who was, you can help us document and memorialize that part of vanning history.  Send us any information you have about that former vanning organization:

  • When was it founded and by whom?
  • Where did it operate and did it have chapters, areas, etc.?
  • What did it do?  Did it have a special focus?  What were it's accomplishments?  Stories & legends?
  • When did it cease to exist?
  • Did it simple go away or was it absorbed or merged with another club or organization? Or, was it a chapter of a club that folded but the main club remains?
  • Do the alumni still stay in touch?

If you have access to logos, banners, artwork, photos, etc. that can be displayed with the organization's information, please get them scanned as jpg or png files, or take high quality pictures of them as jpg files, and send them to the Museum along with as much of the above information as you can find using the Submittal Button below.

Thanks for participating in Fallen Flags!  We will incorporate your information as soon as possible.


If you have questions about contributing to Fallen Flags, send them to us and we'll respond as soon as possible.